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June 25, 2016

2012 Race Report

4 AM came pretty quick Saturday morning as we set out to set up for the 50 mile ultra. The weather looked quite promising with just a little drizzle but as the sun came up the rain came down in buckets. The rain did not scare anyone off and despite the dreary forecast of rain we were pleased to welcome some extra racers who signed up on race day.

The 50-mile runners were off at 5 AM sharp and began their Boogie from Squamish to Whistler. The volunteers then began the aid station set-ups and there was not much time left to get set for the 50km start.

Once the 50km racers were off, with the rain still pouring down, the volunteers were off to Brandywine Falls for the 28km start. Along the way we were able to get an occasional glimpse of the 50 mile and 50 km racers. The volunteers were able to find some form of shelter from the rain either under tarps or hiding in their cars but the racers didn't seem to mind being drenched: The true dedication of the trail racer was shining through. The aid station crew at Brandywine Falls really had to hustle, as we knew the first 50km racer was fast approaching and, sure enough, about 10 minutes after the 28km racers were off, the lead 50km runner came through.

The next step was the finish line. The racers were in good spirits, had a quick burger and a drink and headed out for drier pastures. No serious injuries to report, only a few little scrapes and bruises.

Lastly, I want to send a personalthank you to all the racers who came out and helped keep the Tenderfoot Boogie alive. Next year maybe the sun will help us double the numbers.

Gottfried Grosser, Race Director

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