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June 25, 2016

2011 Race Report

The 50 milers started in twilight as the sun rose a little late for our 5:00 AM start time. This wasn't too bad as the first section was pretty flat. The 50 km and 28 km races were shortly underway soon after the 50 mile start. As the day progressed, the initial cloud cover burned off to a comfortable 23 degrees. Congratulations to all the runners, and thank you very much for sticking it out with me through the roller coaster ride.

Unfortunately, some hooligans had to show how tough they were by ripping off the flagging on some very key intersections. We will definitely do something about that next year and yes, just in case you are wondering we will be back next year. After reading some of the comments there is no doubt in my mind. But in order to make Tenderfoot Boogie successful I need your help.

Remember my slogan:

If you like it, tell your friends; if you don't, tell me!

The new date for Tenderfoot Boogie 2012 will be set soon and will not be changed.

As gratitude for your support, I am offering every Tenderfoot Boogie 2011 runner a half price entry fee to Frosty Mountain trail race 2011. For this incentive, please register via snail mail as the on-line registration is not set up for the offer.

Some of the comments that were instrumental in convincing me to continue are below:

Thank you for organizing such a beautiful race Gottfried. I'll be back again next year for sure! The volunteers were awesome, the aid stations had a good selection and the route was stunning. Even after getting lost so many times, it was so enjoyable to be out there. - Suzanne Johnson

Just wanted to thank you again for putting on a great race. The course was beautiful and challenging and all the volunteers were just amazing. I can't imagine how much work it must be to put on something like this, but it's really appreciated. It's the kind of day that one remembers for their entire life. - Brad

Last, but not least, I will thank the most fantastic team of volunteers I have ever seen. I heard nothing but compliments from all the runners.

Thanks everyone!

Gottfried Grosser, Race Director

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