Frosty Mountain Trail Race

Manning Park, BC

September 17, 2016

Racer Testimonials

Frosty 2014

Just wanted to send my personal appreciation for putting on this race. I live in the Toronto area and signed up with some friends who live in Vancouver, and this was my very first official trail race on my own. I found it very well organized and beautiful! Really liked the sweater/hoodie as well! Looking forward to coming back next year.

- Ari

Hi Gottfried, I would like to say a big thank you to all your organisation. It was a great race, tougher than I expected on that long up hill through the scree (yes it really was up..!) but worth it for the gorgeous views and camaraderie on the race, I met some lovely people along the way! Well done, look forward to another race, another year. Best wishes,

- Marianne Willis

It was a pleasure to take part in Frosty Mountain this year; my friend Jasmine Wong and I had never been to this event and we chose it because of the location and because it was a trail run. We are so happy with our experience at Frosty. Your volunteers were so kind and helpful, the registration was very straightforward, everyone was laughing when we started the 27 km out on the wrong trail, the trails were marked well, and the friendly environment after the race was the perfect end. I just wanted to extend my thanks, and congratulate a very well organized event with the best supportive vibes. Thanks a lot, and see you next year!

- Petra Allen

Hi Gottfried -- Thanks so much for organizing Frosty run -- it was my first, and I will be back next year.

- Robin Macqueen

Hi Gottfried, I just wanted to say a thank you for all that you and you volunteers put into the Frosty50k. Manning park has has jaw dropping scenery and it was a ideal race and location to experience my first ultra. Thanks and see you next year.

- Jamie

Frosty 2013

Great race Gottfried, look forward to doing it again next year. Here are some photos of scenery, Moe, and Dave Chauvin. I enjoyed the wine. Thxs.

- Dave Small

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for organizing such a fun event. It was my first ever ultra, and the route was beautiful (and well marked), the aid stations had everything we needed and the volunteers were fantastic. I was smiling the whole time (even on the climbs - what great views!) All in all a fabulous day.

- Jen Wedel

It was a really memorable intro for me into the ultras. Beautiful course. Very nicely organized. Thank you! :)

- Nancy Charland

A note to let you know how much I appreciated being at the Frosty run last weekend and for your untiring energy in putting on this great event. Thank you so much for all your work and thought. See you there next year with my daughter, Sam, who'd like to do the 27km.

- Helen Brewer

Thanks to you and all the volunteers and people behind the scenes. I just love the race. It was a great run. Thanks for your hard work, Gottfried.

- Marc

Thanks for another amazing race! The trails and views on that course are absolutely fantastic.

- Natalee

Thanks awesome race!!!!!! You can be proud of directing a fine event.

- Wae

Thank you for another wonderful, memorable race weekend! Your efforts, humour, and passion for adding to a vibrant local trail racing scene are much appreciated!!

Sara Pape-Salmon, Andrew Pape-Salmon, and all the Victoria contingent with the Prairie Inn Harriers

Thanks again for a great race day and course! See you next year.

- Rylee

Thank you so much for another awesome day. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, thank you for making it so much fun.

- Elaine

My husband, Ian, and I had a wonderful time and plan to run/volunteer again next time! Thank you for creating such an amazing event!

Tracy Holbor

Fantastic time! Cheers!

- Lisa

A very fun event Gottfried and ONE of the toughest 50 kms around, well one of the Prettiest courses ANYWHERE!

Moe the Eagle

Thanks for organizing a wonderful race! You put in a lot of hard work to get this event going...It was much appreciated by all!

- Karen

Thank you Gottfried for putting on yet another beautiful race for us to enjoy.

- Suzanne Johnson

Frosty rocks!

- Christina Nilson

Frosty 2008

Gottfried, thank you so much for putting on such a great event. I know what goes into organizing one of these (& especially course marking!), & I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks & congratulations on a job well done. I very much appreciate all of the volunteers who hauled so much stuff up to those aid stations & kept us hydrated. It is without exaggeration that I say that this is easily one of the most scenic trail races I have ever done, & I think it has the makings of a true classic.

- Glenn Pace

Frosty was a fantastic day! I have now done 35 official ultras and I don't think I have experienced one that had the almost continual challenge of terrain throughout like Frosty did. It is rare that you can get up into the mountains so easily for a trail run and enjoy such spectacular scenery. So great course choice and thanks to you and the volunteers once again.

- Neil

The stunning alpine views, the hugely runnable trails, the great organization, the enthusiastic volunteers, and the cool lake at the end: the new Frosty 50K, after only one running is, in my mind, one of the best trail races on the planet. No exaggeration.

Great thanks for conceiving of and putting on this brilliant event.

- David Crerar

Just wanted to thank you for organizing such a fabulous race on Saturday. Anyone can tell that you went to a lot of trouble to make this event special. The post-race food was second to none. I have been in many races, but have never seen the likes of the feast you had prepared! Hamburgers, corn, watermelon, and baked goods of every kind, plus much more. Thanks for marking the trail. It would have been impossible for someone who has not been on the trail (such as myself) to have found the way without the markers, especially at the rocky top!) So thanks so much for the work that went into that. The day was great. And the weather was on our side as well. Thanks for your inspiration for this race and for the hard work in making it a success. It is a tough race (for me), but a challenge and a unique experience. Thank you for making it happen. Please also thank your volunteers for me. They did such a marvelous job.

- Louisa Lorimer

Now that the dust (or should I say, 'rock') has settled, I thought you might appreciate some of my thoughts in regard to the event last weekend. First, let me say that I thought you did an amazing job with the entire task of marking the course which, to me, would be an incredible feat in itself. It was very clear just where to go most of the time since there was only one trail to follow that went way up and then way down! I have to admit though, that I was quite 'freaked' out by the Frosty climb especially when we were up to the rocky part... but I felt quite proud that I kept going and didn't let my fears get the better of me. Ultimately, I felt I had really accomplished something after completing the course! The reason I do ultras is that I love to run on trails and a lot of the time I can't just go out and run such a distance on my own. At least in a course like this, I felt secure in knowing I was on a marked course where I could be found!

I'm sure it took a lot of your time to put this event together but it is clearly a labor of love for you. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your enthusiasm in bringing runners and volunteers together for an amazing day! Please relay my personal thanks to all of the volunteers who were there that day. It takes a lot of commitment and self-sacrifice to hang out at an ultra aid stations for hours at a time! I was especially appreciative of their encouragement and support. Each of them added greatly to my enjoyment of the run and certainly all the foodstuffs, water, were hugely necessary for all the runners.

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