Frosty Mountain Trail Race

Manning Park, BC

September 17, 2016

Frosty Mountain Ultra Trail Race

View from top of Mount Frosty

The Frosty Mountain Ultra is held in beautiful Manning Park, BC.

There are 3 race distances to choose from:

Pick your poison!

The 2016 race will be Saturday, September 17th.

See Race Details page for more info.

Orientation Runs Schedule

Training runs for Frosty are as follows:

August 20th: Meet at 8:45 AM at Bean Around the World Coffee shop at Parkgate Mall in North Vancouver. 9:00 AM start: Head up to Bridle Path - Neds - Baden Powell - back down on Good Sir Martin back on Bridle Path to the Bean. Course will be marginally marked. Very good simulator for the first Frosty loop, perfect for the runners who are doing the 27 km loop.

August 27th: Meet at 9:45 AM at Lightning Lake day parking Manning Park. 10:00 AM start - Second Loop 23 km

September 3rd: Meet at 9:45 AM at Lightning Lake day parking Manning Park 10:00 AM start - 1st Loop 27 km

Please RSVP!

Volunteers are still needed for the race, as well, contact us if you are interested!

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Updated: August 19, 2016.

2016 Registration Open!

Please see the registration page for details!

Updated: January 7, 2016.

Gottfried's 2015 Race Report

It all started out pretty normal, volunteers coming forward, registration pretty average, weather forecast pretty good, what could possible go wrong?

Then we lost some of the volunteers. My call out for help was very successful, thanks to some runners who recruited people for us and of course to those who stepped up to the plate and the ones who help out year after year, what a great team we ended up with!

Several days before the race I headed up to Manning Park to do the flagging, checked the weather forecast and got promised full sunshine and up to 21 degree temperatures.

No such thing happened!

First day flagging the 27 km loop I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt and brought an extra shirt, that helped me stay alive, the whole day was wet cold and generally miserable.

The weather slowly improved and come race day it was still threatening, but turned out pretty decent, especially for the runners. Besides a few scrapes and bruises no serious injuries to report, that's a good thing! Everyone was accounted for, another good thing!

No records were broken, the 50 km record has been established in 2008, how long will it stand?

Looking forward to seeing you next year.


2015 Results posted

Webmaster apologizes for not getting the results up much sooner!

Please see the results page for all results.

Updated: November 21, 2015.

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