2019 Frosty Race Report

Frosty # 12 complete yea!
Thank you everyone for supporting this classic trail race and with all the positive feedback it will be a pleasure to continue as long as this old body will hold out.
The days leading up to the race were jut perfect for the flagging crew, definitely want to keep them happy.
Again race day turned out to be a fantastic day, starting out in the mid single digits and warming nicely by noon. Sometimes a little windy , but that is to be expected in Manning Park  and according to  a lot of the runners there was no wind on top, definitely a bonus.
With all the different races popping up everywhere we are very satisfied with the turnout.
Thank you very much for your support.
Dates to remember:  June 27th 2020 Tenderfoot Boogie
                                    September 19th 2020 Frosty
Hope to see you all soon