Race Report

2019 Frosty Mountain Ultra Race Report

Frosty # 12 complete yea!

  Thank you everyone for supporting this classic trail race and with all the positive feedback it will be a pleasure to continue as long as this old body will hold out.   The days leading up to the race were jut perfect for the flagging crew, definitely want to keep them happy.

Again race day turned out to be a fantastic day, starting out in the mid single digits and warming nicely by noon. Sometimes a little windy , but that is to be expected in Manning Park  and according to  a lot of the runners there was no wind on top, definitely a bonus.   With all the different races popping up everywhere we are very satisfied with the turnout.  

Thank you very much for your support.  

Dates to remember:  June 27th 2020 Tenderfoot Boogie, September 19th 2020 Frosty  

Hope to see you all soon  

Gottfried RD


And their off and running.

2019 Tenderfoot Boogie race report  

Daylight broke just in time for the 50 mile starters at 5:00 AM   We had 25 registered but some no shows, the weather was just about perfect for the runners, Usually we have a little puddle the runners have to go through, there is no way around it.This year I expected the puddle to be almost gone as we had very little rain, but actually it was the biggest and deepest lake we had to go through yet, at times knee deep. Otherwise no major incidents.  

50 km  and 28 km start went as smooth as ever, Unfortunately we had someone tampering with the flagging for the 13 km  runners, but everyone is accounted for.  

No records were broken, but I would like to congratulate Aileen McKeown who placed first and Frida Cristiansson who placed second overall in the 50 mile distance.   Once more I want to thank all the volunteers who sacrificed a lot of there time to make this event a success.  

Hope to see you all June 27, 2020 for the 11th edition of Tenderfoot Boogie  



From the Race Director

2018 Frosty Mountain Race Report

As everyone knows, Frosty Mountain weather is very unpredictable in the middle of September. We were very lucky again, as in most years, even Thursday and Friday the elements were kind to the flaggers. Aside from a few flurries and a touch of hail at the top of Frosty the weather was almost perfect. Thank you for whoever was responsible for that.

No records were broken, although Stacey Cleveland got pretty close in the 50 km distance. Perhaps next year!

As we changed the course for the 13 km Lightning distance to make it a true 13 km these will be the new established records.

male:     Justin Collette      time  1:00:57
female:  Laura Paterson   time 1:13:42

Congratulations to all the runners  and I hope to see you all next year for Frosty to be held September 21st 2019


2018 Frosty 50k 2018 Frosty 27 km 2018 Frosty 13 k